Industrial Engineering, Civil and Mechanical Division


Design & Engineering

Over 50 years, H. H. Technofab Corporation has built a professional, design & project management team who fully understand the nature of engineering. Our team resourced to each job is according to specific project requirements in terms of experience, specialist skills and problem solving capabilities.


With a professional design and drawing team comprising of proficient draftsmen, sets us apart in detailing and CAD modeling expertise, providing the confidence to deliver on a variety of projects with complete client satisfaction.


Over the last 40 years, our workforce of over 300 people has designed, documented, fabricated, assembled and erected some of the most iconic fabricated steel projects in Pakistan and the Middle East.


H.H.Technofab Corporation also has a highly skilled team of steel erectors and riggers whose excellence and experience have enhanced our reputation of being highly adaptable and forward thinking in every project that we take on.


We employ a highly skilled team of 2G, 3G, and 6G welders which can ensure joinery on material in the most difficult areas. All welding is carried out in accordance with American Welders Society specification.

Surface Preparation

Any kind of coating remains irrelevant without good surface preparation. We employs a state of the art sand, shot and water blasting facility along with highly skilled and experienced specialists to supplement and enrich a full engineering service and can be provided on site basis also.

Surface Coating

H.H.Technofab Corporation has a dedicated paint shop which ensures a clean environment rid of any dust where basic linseed oil to high temperature epoxy based paints are applied.​

Offsite Work

Our off-site construction capability offers customers a completely engineered product ready and delivered to be installed without any cutting or any re-fabrication at site, ensuring timely installation and deliverance.

Bridge Works

H.H.Technofab has a special unit especially for bridges where we have actively participated in delivering transportable sections for the famous CPEC project.

Piping Works

H.H.Technofab Corporation has a team of certified professionals who bring their experience of working on pipeline projects in the Oil and Gas Sector: Our offering includes lay and maintenance of pipeline and a variety of fabricated pipes with Carbon Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.


Our off-site construction offers customers a number of benefits. Operating from our own manufacturing premises affords us greater control and assures factory-quality construction.

Facade Installation

With many projects under our belt in the Middle East, H H Technofab is now a market specialist in façade installation, be it Curtain Wall, Spider clamp Glass installation or any other Composite panel installation on towers or steel structures where working at large height is involved.