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H. H. Technofab Corporation

Throughout its history, H. H. Technofab Corporation has always strived for leadership in its products within the industry. Today is no exception. In fact, in the current highly competitive business environment, with an economy that is increasingly global in scope, it becomes even more important to make leadership a goal to be achieved in everything we do.

Founded in 1988, HHTC continues its activities with its local and foreign customers of more than 2500 that it gives both main contractor and engineering services. HHTC strives in implementing production and after sales support of many projects such as construction site buildings, petroleum and gas social facility buildings, urgent settlement area and encampment areas.

The company also has the prestige of pioneering the concept of modular, transportable shelters in Pakistan. Porta Camp, a sister concern; has a reputation of excelling in providing the highest quality in modular housing.

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We are an engineering company offering services in all the major engineering disciplines through the involvement of highly experienced professionals, technical executives and exceptionally devoted tradesmen. Our team of professional’s work, in harmony and in coordination to produce the finest results which serves the motto of our company at its best.



H. H. Technofab Corporation has four workshops located at the prime industrial areas of the city, with direct access to metal roads ensuring timely transportation to any part of the city.

​Fabrication yard is facilitated by two Thirty(30) tons overhead cranes in the workshop to not only speed up material handling process while fabrication but also to transfer end product between the fabrication, paint-shop and dispatch areas. To complement the workshop, there are six full factory length overhead cranes (12.5T’s each) with a 10m – hook height. To supplement the overhead crane we have 20 boom hoists with 1 Tonne capacity located throughout the workshop.

Fabrication Yard

With over 6,000 sqm of open yard space, we can accommodate a multiple mega projects simultaneously at any given time. We can conduct trial assemblies within our yard if required.