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Pre Engineered Buildings

Pre Engineered Buildings In Pakistan

Rigid Building System (RBS) is a subsidiary of H.H Technofab Corporation with its headquarters in Karachi. Established in early 1989, RBS has manufactured and erected high-quality steel structures throughout the region.

RBS shares with its customers the solidity of its resources, capital base, and affiliations. Pre Engineered Buildings In Pakistan also shares also the ingenuity of its design team, the quality of its plant and production, and the wholeheartedness of its customers.

RBS has the unique capability to provide a combination of Hot Rolled and Built-up sections in a single design to offer versatility to our client with total dedication in services ensuring timely deliveries.

RBS Offers The Following products and services

  • Hot rolled Structures
  • Pre-engineered buildings
  • Shot or grit blast and paint to customer specification;
  • Cold formed and profiles
  • Aluminium and steel sheeting
  • Building accessories such as doors and windows
  • Complete project engineering , a service which allows for total adaptibility to customer needs
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Flexibility in combination of structural materials with industrial capacity output.
  • Design economy, through a range of researched standardized solution.